Yuji Mori

Senior Director


Japan's current situation reminds me of the words by a writer W.Gibson. He wrote "Japan is the global imagination's default setting for the future. The Japanese are the ultimate Early Adaptors." However, I felt that he may not be understanding our strength good enough.
Not being seized with common sense, we believe that we can create unique business designs & creative solution together with you.

Education & Career

After graduating from university, Yuji spent his career at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, founded a venture company while studying abroad in the U.S as a scholarship student at Golden Gate University, Graduate School of Technology Management(MBA) and New York University Steinhardt School (Ph.D). 
He worked at both U.S. and Japan Microsoft, and then joined McKinsey & Company. At McKinsey he was involved in multiple growth strategy development projects creating new business models for domestic and international IT companies, electronics manufacturers, communications & media related clients.
Later, he held the position of CEO THINK Corporation responsible for content investment, production and international expansion support. While Think Co. Inc. was to redemption he joined Dentsu Consulting as a director, with a vision to further utilize his experience in a wide variety of fields in order to stimulate the Japanese economy and support further international expansion.





Growth strategy,Corporate strategy,Corporate Finance,Corporate Design,Innovation,Intellectual property


He studies about Communication, Innovation, Cognitive social psychology , Content Industry theory and has been presenting in various seminars. He also takes place of the director for Content Industry Society and professor of Digital HollyWood University Graduate School, Keio University Graduate School, and Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School. Also, he has held the position of governmental researcher in intellectual property, content and IT service field.


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