Turning “Dreams” into “Plans”

If you cannot see the goal, you can just explore until you find it.

We have the skills and knowledge of management strategy consulting to support your journey.

We aim for a completely unprecedented goal.

We work with the knowledge and energy necessary to realize your goal.

Turning your unrealized dreams into reality.

And creating innovative and bold "concrete results."

This is what we do at DENTSU CONSULTING.


We do not offer "absolutely correct” consulting.

Don’t you think there is something wrong if everyone arrives at the same answer in perfect harmony?
While we basically respect our clients’ will, we sometimes challenge it.
There is no point in using consulting services if clients that are familiar in their specialist area and our consultants all have the same point of view. DENTSU CONSULTING gives guidance with client-specific optimal solutions from a slightly different angle, using perspectives from other industries, and from a "third party" perspective.

Uniqueness of collaboration with the Dentsu Group

The Dentsu Group maintains long-term relationships with clients and is responsible for processes up to the output. DENTSU CONSULTING works closely with clients in collaboration with the Group, quickly deploying our skill set as a strategic firm to satisfy clients by delivering clear outputs describing what they need to do. DENTSU CONSULTING is the only consulting firm that can provide this total service.

What will it mean to be a strategic firm in the coming era?

What will it mean to be a strategic firm in the coming era?
As the Japanese market contracts, many companies are faced with the challenge of "how to compete." In today’s world, with its overload of easily accessible information, the important thing is not to blindly pursue best practice cases but to return to the original value of the company and judge "what fits for us."

Keeping our customers at the center of our business strategy, we determine the criteria necessary to select strategy options that fit your company by deepening our understanding of your business. And we support growth by implementing the selected strategy.

This process is indispensable to compete in the future, and strategic firms must take on the role of a "Sherpa," determining judgment criteria with clients and customers.



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