Service characteristics of DENTSU CONSULTING

Pursuing the Reality of Business

DENTSU CONSULTING is a global networked consulting firm with strong management/consulting backgroud talents. From re-innovation in existing business lines to development of new business fields, we provide the first class consulting to solve client's various challenges related to growth. We are oriented towards real business solutions that deliver bold outcomes through our total business design capabilities.

Creative thinking for ‘breaking through’ issues.

Our consulting team consist with original DENTSU CONSULTING and some experts from Dentsu/Dentsu Group companies.We can combine the capability to break through issues born out of the creativity and rich imagination that is the DNA of Dentsu with our consulting capabilities as a specialist in business strategy. That is the decisive difference between DENTSU CONSULTING and other firms that creates our advantage. Combining these two strengths, DENTSU CONSULTING provides innovative and highly tailored solutions that lead to client's success.

Maximizing values with Dentsu Group companies.

DENTSU CONSULTING, Dentsu and Dentsu Group companies together provide end-to-end total integrated support from strategy to tactics to bold outcomes. DENTSU CONSULTING plays as the general conductor of the project and creates unique value that cannot be imitated by other firms.

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Our business extends from formulating the strategies which enhance the value of clients’ products and services and developing business models, to converting the strategies into final tactics for implementation and “creating concrete results” such as improvement in sales and corporate value.
Dentsu, which has many account representatives and marketing planners that have deep relationships with companies in various industries and are conversant with the clients’ business, and Dentsu Group companies, which specializes in various fields such as digital marketing and ERP.
The coordination with these companies enable DENTSU CONSULTING consultants to deeply understand the clients as well as the industry trends and advance projects smoothly.

Industry Areas

As a strategy consulting firm, we derive new value with our unique analytical and hypothesis building capabilities.

  • Public Sector
  • Financial Institutions
  • Retail / Distribution
  • Media / Entertainment
  • Food Beverage / Luxury / Household goods
  • Telecommunications / Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing / Technologies
  • Digital / Services

Consulting Flow

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